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What gun manufacturers and executives are hiding behind the NRA?

(Wed Dec 19th)

The NRA has long acted as a “shield” for a group of manufacturers who literally play hide and seek behind actual gun statistics on a yearly basis in the United States. Whether you enjoy hunting, casually target shoot for practice, or act as a buyer for the US military, gun manufacturing is BIG business in the United States, so big that it has a shield organization (the NRA) lobbying on it’s behalf, maintaining an enormous public membership, and this organization successfully helps the industry itself deflect any criticism or questions, that would ultimately put any ordinary company (or industry) out of business in the face of turmoil. One recent episode the industry must contend with is the shooting death of 27 adults & children in an elementary school in Sandy Hook, CT. This tragedy follows a mass-shooting in Aurora, CO last Summer as well, and it has lead to the following end-question that a fair-share of Americans want answered:

Who is behind the manufacturing of guns that ultimately help contribute to the deaths of 30,000 Americans on a yearly basis?

Well, the answer is simple. One only needs to look at the list of gun manufacturing companies and their top roster of employees. To date, not one of of these executives (or their parent companies) have come forward and expressed remorse, sympathy, offered any solutions on any public forum, or reached out to the victims in any way, shape or form. Pro-gun or anti-gun or whatever your political affiliation might be, there’s specific companies behind the production of weapons that were used in a recent heinous crime, and 2nd Amendment posturing or beliefs can’t shield that fact.

Usually if a company manufactures a product that ends up as a tool in the killing of innocent people, one might expect at the very least a court supoena or an explanation of how their safety-features work, and what steps they are taking to help prevent tragedies in the future. Instead, we’re just seeing a lot of record profits by the industry in the wake of the tragedy, and zero solutions offered. When Mike Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City) is asking for “action” from the President, he’s really asking for something to be done about this cottage industry that ultimately has blood on it’s hands, as National statistics don’t lie and cannot be ignored. The American people want answers, are now demanding accountability, and one can say this is the beginning of the end of the “NRA-shield-of-secrecy” the gun manufacturing sector has enjoyed for so long.

For an industry that drapes itself in the American flag, one must question the real “patriotism” of companies that put private-company-profitabilty above the public safety of American citizens. When a company hides behind a public “shield” organization rather then answering questions in favor of maintaining profits, they’re violating the very laws (and one might say patriotism) the original fore-fathers founded the United States upon.

Want gun control in the United States? Then it’s time for US citizens to end the consumer demand for guns, and help put the following companies out of business. Capitalism is only successful when it’s profitable, and fewer guns manufactured means fewer guns finding their way onto American streets, schools. Since these companies want to remain secret and have the NRA speak on their behalf, we thought we’d post some information about who some of these people are behind the curtain.

Kevin Miniard is Chief Manufacturing Officer and Senior Vice President of Operations of Freedom Group, the parent company behind the “Bushmaster” assault rifle (that was used in the recent Sandy Hook shooting). Freedom Group also produces the following gun brands: Remington, Marlin, Barnes Bullets, Dakota Arms as well.

Following the Sandy Hook shooting, Private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management has since sold Freedom Group in the wake of the tragedy. Cerberus called the Sandy Hook shooting “a tragic and devastating event,” a “watershed event that has raised the national debate on gun control to an unprecedented level.”

Sig Sauer
One of the pistols used by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook tragedy was a Sig Sauer pistol. Sig Sauer is a for-profit company that generates millions upon millions of dollars in revenue by producing guns, so profitable that the Governor of New Hampshire John Lynch stopped by their factory in 2009 (see picture below), to give his seal of approval on how they conduct business. John Lynch, and Sig Sauer have remained silent in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

For more information on the company behind one of the weapons used in this tragedy, go here:

Ron Cohen CEO of Sig Sauer

When Ron Cohen joined Sig Sauer back in 2004, they only “had 130 employees with sales of around $40 million”, but being a businessman at heart, Cohen sure turned things around, so well that Sig Sauer has brought more products to the marketplace in the past 8 years than their founding some 25 years ago. He was recently quoted in Management Today magazine with the following quote: “Our ability to bring new products to the table is one of the major success stories of this company.” One might say their success lies in producing weapons that are ultimately used for murder, and put profitabilty above the safetly and welfare of the American public.

Below is a photo-collage of the 27 victims of the recent Sandy Hook tragedy, who weren’t as fortunate as the above executives or gun-manufacturers who are currently enjoying record profits thanks to increased gun-sales in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Want Gun Control in the United States? Then it’s time to start at the top. If the United Kingdom is able to enact sensible laws, then surely the United States is more then capable as well.

For additional reference, below is a list of US based and foreign gun manufacturers.

Accuracy International – Precision rifles.
Accu-Tek Firearms – Stainless steel compact pistols.
American Derringer Corp.
American Hunting Rifles – High end hunting rifles.
American Western Arms – Recreating authentic American western firearms.
Anschütz – High quality rifle and air rifles.
AR-7 Industries
ArmaLite, Inc.
Armament Technology – Tactical and smallbore rifles.
Arnold Arms Co, Inc.
Autauga Arms – Mk II .32 caliber pocket pistol.
Auto-Ordnance Corp
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. – .50 BMG
Benelli Arms
Beretta Italy – Beretta USA
Bond Arms
Briley Manufacturing, Inc.
Bul Transmark – Israeli
Bushmaster Firearms
Casull Arms Corporation
Ceska Zbrojovka
Charles Daly – Shotguns, Rifles, & Pistols.
Charter 2000, Inc.
Cimarron Firearms Company – Firearms used taming the frontier in Texas and the American west.
Colt Blackpowder Arms Company
Colt Manufacturing Co.
Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Co. – A. H. Fox Double Barrel Shotguns.
Connecticut Valley Arms Company
C. Sharp Arms Company
Daisy Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Dakota Arms, Inc.
Dan Wesson Firearms Co.
DPMS – Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services.
DS Arms, Inc.
EAA – European American Armory Corp.
Fabarm – Shotguns from Italy
Feather, USA – LIghtweight pistols, rifles in 22, 9mm and 40 S&W.
FN Manufacturing, Inc.
Franchi Spa
Fratelli Tanfoglio – Pistols
Freedom Arms Inc.
Fulton Armory
Gatling Gun Company – Hand-made, full sized model 1862 Gatling Guns.
Gibbs Rifle Company – M98 Sporter, military conversions, Parker0Hale Enfield replicas, etc.
Hämmerli – The Competitor’s Advantage!
Harrington and Richardson
Heckler & Koch
Heritage Manufacturing Inc. – American manufacturer of quality revolvers and semi auto pistols.
Hi-Point Firearms
High Standard Manufacturing Co. Inc.
IAR, Inc. – Collectible quality replica firearms and blank firing guns.
Israel Arms International, Inc.
Kahr Arms
Kel-Tec – P11 is a semi-automatic, locked breech pistol chambered for the 9mm Luger.
Kimber of America – Manufacturer of rifles and pistols.
Knight Rifle – #1 in Muzzleloading.
Lazzeroni Arms Company
L.W. Seecamp Co. – L.W. Seecamp Co. and the LWS32 and LWS380 pistols.
Magnum Research Inc. – Maker of the Desert Eagle.
Mauser – Original Mauser M98 Magnum.
McMillan Bros Rifle Co, Inc.
O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Inc. – Pump action shotguns.
Navy Arms Company
North American Arms, Inc.
Olympic Arms – AR-15 rifles, accessories, and Safari Arms Line of 1911 pistols and parts.
Para Ordnance Mfg. Inc.
Pedersoli Guns – Muzzle Loading Firearms Manufacturer.
Professional Ordinance Inc. – The worlds lightest .223 auto rifles and pistols.
Remington Arms Company, Inc.
Republic Arms, Inc. – Patriot .45 ACP.
Ruger – Sturm, Ruger & Company.
Sako Ltd. – Finland-based manufacturer of world class hunting rifles.
J.P. Sauer – Sporting Rifles
Savage Arms, Inc.
Searcy Enterprises – Manufacturer of Fine Double Rifles and Mag. Mauser actions.
Sigarms, Inc. – Be sure to also visit their International Site.
Smith & Wesson
Special Interest Arms – Originators of the “Enfield K” in 7.62×39
Springfield Armory
SSK Industries
Steyr Mannlicher
STI International – Firearms for competiton, duty, and self-defense.
Taurus International
Thompson Center Arms
Traditions, Inc. – Manufacturer of muzzleloading rifles, pistols, classics, and accessories.
Uberti USA, Inc. – Producer of historical firearms.
U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co. – Speciality historic guns including single action army.
U.S. Repeating Arms, Inc. – Winchester Rifles and Shotguns.
Valkyrie Arms, Ltd. – BATF approved, semi-auto versions of classic military automatic arms.
Vector Arms, Inc. – UZI Service Center for the USA.
Wildey Guns – Home of the .475 Wildey Mag.
ZDF Import/Export, Inc. – M96 Expeditonary Rifle (based on Stoner 63), Importer of VEPR rifles.

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(top photo via this link)

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  1. In order to infer how much influence the firearms industry holds over the NRA, it would be useful to know how many of the NRA officers are employed by manufacturers and distributors of firearms and ammunition. It would be best if the leaders of the NRA had no financial interest in the manufacture and sale of firearms and ammunition. The NRA website lists about 80 members of its Board of Directors. Their biographies list various memberships and other aspects of their lives; but I didn’t see any NRA Directors who claim to be financially involved in the firearms industry.

    Are the NRA directors hiding their deep affiliation with firearms and ammunition industries??
    We know that the firearms industry contributes money to the NRA; that gains some control over the NRA. But if members of the firearms industry overlaps with the management of the NRA, then that grants strong control over the NRA policies and actions.

    For instance, a CEO of a gun manufacturer is contractually obliged to maximize sales and profit for his shareholders. If that CEO is also an officer of the NRA, then he will experience a conflict of interest whenever reasonable safeguards are proposed by the NRA.

    The NRA best serves the interests of individual gun owners and the interests of the average US citizen if the officers of the NRA are individual gun owners having no interest in the profits of the firearms and ammunition industry.

  2. If you do not like the gun laws here in this Great country known as America then leave , go to Europe and be happy ever after. Its people like you Socialist , Marxist that try to destroy us,but you will never do it.

  3. 1939 United States Supreme Court session United States vs Miller makes it perfectly clear that ordinary United States Citizens have the right to own military style firearms

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